New Students

Register with a local doctor

It is important that you register with a doctor as soon as possible after your arrival in Edinburgh. You can research GP Practices before you arrive, and then register once you are in Edinburgh. We want to make sure that you look after yourself whilst studying, both physically and mentally, and that you know how to get medical assistance if you need it.

Healthcare in Scotland  

The National Health Service (NHS) is a free health care service for all residents of the UK.  Once you arrrive at university, we recommend that you register with a local doctor, who will provide medical care if required. 

  • If you are already registered with a GP in another part of the UK, we recommend that you register with an Edinburgh practice, if that will be your main home whilst at University.

NHS Guidance on Covid-19  

Find out more about how the UK medical system works 


GP registration 

If you are studying in Edinburgh for longer than three months, you can register with your nearest doctor, known as a General Practitioner (GP).  Please follow step 1 and step 2 outlined below. If you are on a short-term visit or travelling from overseas see further guidance below.

Visit the NHS Lothian website for more information on how to register with a GP



Emergency medical assistance

If you are unable to get to a GP or need immediate medical advice, you can:

Hospital treatment

If you are in serious need of emergency medical attention, call Emergency Services on 999, even if you have not registered with a GP in advance.


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