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Find out about options for accommodation in Edinburgh during your studies

Please note accommodation applications are open as normal - applying through MyEd (you should have access now). Accommodation offers aren’t made until you have been given an unconditional offer for your University course, and accommodation contracts are not sent before the beginning of May. For more information on the University’s accommodation guarantee and properties, please visit the student accommodation webpage:

When moving to a new city and starting university, there are many things to consider when looking for somewhere to live.

The University of Edinburgh offers different types of accommodation for students to choose from. University accommodation can be rented out to live in during your studies, allowing you to settle in and make a home away from home. Students may alternatively decide to move into private accommodation (whether rented or purchased), or stay in their current living arrangement if they do not live far from Edinburgh.

When considering any University of Edinburgh accommodation, University Accommodation, Catering, and Events (also known as ACE) are responsible for managing the University of Edinburgh owned accommodation. They deliver a wide range of first-rate student accommodation, catering options and Residence Life support to the many University students who live within University accommodation. 

The information below provides you with help and guidance to be informed about the options available and further assist you in finding the right type of living environment to suit your needs.



University accommodation

Chancellor's Court at Pollock Halls
Discover more about the range of University accommodation on offer in terms of locations, price, catering or self-catering, individual or couples and families accommodation. Learn how to apply for University accommodation and about accommodation guarantees and find out more information about the options to pay accommodation fees.

Private accommodation

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You may wish to rent a property from a private landlord or agency, or even invest in a property for your time at the University.

Arrive and move into University accommodation

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Find out more about when to move in, steps you take before doing so and what to expect. Read up on the Residence Life Team who work towards creating an inclusive and positive environment in which you can live and find out more about living in accessible accommodation.

Early arrival in Edinburgh

If you do decide to arrive earlier than your accommodation contract's start date, it's important to be aware that it can be difficult and expensive to find short-term accommodation.

Bringing your family

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Guidance and resources for students accompanied by family or dependents. If your dependents are moving with you to the UK you should consider accommodation, healthcare and support.

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