Edinburgh Imaging

28 Jan 13. Prof Andrew Farrall

Professor Andrew Farrall describes his clinical work as a neuroradiologist & the online education courses offered by Edinburgh Imaging Academy.


Transcript - Prof Andrew Farrall, 2013

"Hi, my name is Andrew Farrall. I’m a clinical neuroradiologist working in the division of clinical neurosciences, and I’m also an honorary part time senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, working at the Brain Image Research centre, at the Western General site.

I’m the programme director of a new imaging masters programme, which will launch in September 2013, which is designed to bring together all sorts of people interested in imaging from diverse backgrounds, and to provide a good, strong, educational basis for future research and work in imaging.

There will be three main themes to the imaging MSc: one is Imaging Sciences, the other is Preclinical Imaging, and also Clinical Imaging. There will also be a very strong microscopy component, and we are looking to recruit students for the 2013/2014 semester intake."