Edinburgh Imaging

17 Sep 18. Prof Adam Waldman

Prof Adam Waldman, Chair of Neuroradiology, discusses his research interests around neuro oncology, and neuro inflammatory diseases.


Transcript - Prof Adam Waldman, 2018 

"I’m Adam Waldman, I’m Chair of Neuroradiology, and I’m one of the Co-Directors of Edinburgh Imaging.

One of my main research interests is around neuro oncology, which is a new area really for Edinburgh Imaging. The main themes of this are really around quantitative imaging, applied within the clinical context, and looking at better ways of stratifying brain tumours, looking at response to treatment in a more reliable way, and also mechanistically, exploring tumour metabolisms in the immune environment. We have a new programme which aims towards bridging between the preclinical imaging in animal modules and quantitative imaging in humans.

One of our other main interests is around neuro inflammatory and neuro degenerative diseases, and we are exploring new and quantitative MRI methods for looking at micro structure around myelin, particularly in Multiple Sclerosis, to help again stratify treatment; predict those patients who are going to go on to have this aggressive disease and would benefit most from disease modifying therapies, and also markers of myelination that may be useful for looking at treatment response with novel remyelinating and regenerative agents."