Edinburgh Imaging

07 May 18. Dr Scott Semple

Dr Scott Semple, Reader in Medical Physics, discusses his research aims, in particular applying MR to cardiovascular diseases such as aortic aneurysm, or for evaluating drug efficacy.


Transcript - Dr Scott Semple, 2018

"My name is Scott Semple, I’m a reader in medical imaging. My background is in medical physics, and I have a particular interest in using magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, in cardiovascular disease.

Along with my colleagues in Edinburgh Imaging, we use techniques like MRI and also PET and CT scanning, to study the cardiovascular system in a clinical setting. So we scan patients in healthy controls to get a better understanding of key aspects of cardiovascular disease.

For example my team pioneered the use of MRI, in studying inflammation in aortic aneurysms to try to predict rupture. My research aim is to focus this type of clinical imaging to better understand cardiovascular disease, to more rapidly asses’ drug efficacy in new trials, and to ultimately individualise patient therapy. "