Edinburgh Imaging

17 May 18. Dr Grant Mair

Dr Grant Mair, Neuroradiologist & research fellow, highlights his brain research which has a stroke and computed tomography focus.


Transcript - Dr Grant Mair, 2018

"Hi there, my names Grant Mair, I’m a Neuroradiologist, which means it’s my job to look at medical imaging of the brain, and provide an interpretation and assessment. I work for both NHS Lothian and the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Imaging.

In my research I’m interested in how we use brain imaging to asses’ patients who have had a stroke, primarily CT, that’s computed tomography imaging, which is the commonest brain imaging you’ll see in the hospital. These are some examples of a patient who’s had CT scanning, different protocols following a stroke. The purpose of this research is really to make the use of CT in stroke as efficient as possible, because in patients who come into hospital as an emergency with a stroke, time is of the essence, and it’s about getting the answer quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Thanks for listening."