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Stroke is a medical emergency that occurs after a sudden disruption of blood supply to the brain. In most cases this occurs due to blockage of an artery, but in some the cause of stroke is a brain haemorrhage.


Our research aims to improve prevention, diagnosis & treatment of stroke via the use of imaging, to improve understanding of the different types of stroke. In addition to our own studies, we also work on many large multicentre clinical trials, including to perform central interpretation of brain imaging designed to test new or improved treatments for stroke.

We do detailed mechanistic studies using MR, CT, ultrasound, & retinal imaging, of the pathophysiology of stroke studies of its cost effectiveness of imaging studies in stroke, & studies of diagnostic accuracy & utility of imaging in different types of stroke.

Our SMARTIS (Systematic Management, Archiving & Reviewing of Trial Images Service) platform supports image interpretation for many large randomised controlled trials including IST-3, RIGHT-2, PRACTISE, ATTEST, PISTE, & many others.


Lead stroke researcher 

If you would like to discuss undertaking stroke research & collaborating with us, please contact our business manager, who will arrange a meeting with our stroke research lead.

Dr Duncan Martin

Business Manager

  • Edinburgh Imaging

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Funding organisations & groups

The following organisations and groups are major funders of stroke research in Edinburgh. Their generosity supports all aspects of stroke research including the running of projects, the acquisition of imaging hardware, and the support and development of our research staff.

Organisations are listed alphabetically: