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Body systems

Explore the body system topics within Edinburgh Imaging.

Brain & nervous system

Our major neuroimaging research themes include: stroke, brain ageing & dementia, small vessel disease (SVD), multiple sclerosis (MS) & neuro-oncology / brain tumours, as well as other inflammatory & degenerative diseases which affect the brain.

Eyes / retinal

Are eyes a window to the brain's health?

Heart / cardiovascular

Cardiovascular disease is a major health problem & our research focuses on myocardial infarction, myopathies & inflammation, coronary heart disease, arterial thrombosis, peripheral artery disease, stroke & angina, plus underlying causes such as arthrosclerosis.

Kidney / renal

Edinburgh Imaging's kidney / renal page

Liver / hepatic

Liver imaging research at Edinburgh Imaging, involves collaborative work to characterize various liver diseases, with the aim of reducing / minimizing invasive procedures in the diagnosis & management of these diseases.

Lungs / respiratory

Our respiratory imagingĀ teamĀ is partnered with NHS Lothian to discover & translate, to commercial & clinical use, novel pulmonary imaging methods, in order to predict, prevent & manage lung diseases, as well as to improve patient outcomes.

Perinatal Neuroimaging

The developing brain undergoes tremendous changes in structure & function around the time of birth, & the integrity of these changes determines important functions across the life course including learning ability, motor function & risk of neurological & psychiatric diseases.