Dr Tom MacGillivray

Senior Research Fellow & Image Analysis Core Laboratory Manager


  • Specialises in the field of image processing and analysis for clinical research
  • My team staffs the Image Analysis Core laboratory of the Edinburgh Imaging QMRI facility joint with the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility
  • The laboratory provides specialist support to investigators accessing data from a variety of modalities including MR, CT, PET, ultrasound and retinal imaging
  • Experience facilitating research that features retinal imaging and includes studies on stroke, cardiovascular disease, MS, and cognitive change with age
  • Co-ordinates an interdisciplinary initiative called VAMPIRE (Vascular Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the REtina) - aim is efficient, semi-automatic analysis of retinal images


Bachelor of Science, University of Edinburgh

Master of Science, University of Edinburgh: Acoustic pulse reflectometry for the measurement of tubular structures

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Edinburgh: The application of laser anemometry in acoustic measurement standards

Postgraduate Diploma, University of Edinburgh: Academic Practice

Research summary

Image analysis allow the identification of biomarkers to aid in diagnosis, quantify disease progress, assess treatment response and inform decision making in drug discovery. In addition it is increasingly possible to relate imaging to genetic traits in individual and population studies. My team’s expertise helps to ensure that the appropriate imaging data are acquired, interpreted and analysed correctly in order to access their full potential.

Current research interests

Development of novel image processing algorithms for use in cutting-edge medical imaging and clinical research. Multi-modal retinal scanning - fundus camera, Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope, OCT, Auto Fluorescence. Advance retinal analysis algorithm development - see VAMPIRE project for more details - http://vampire.computing.dundee.ac.uk/. Retinal imaging derived biomarker identification for neurodegeneration and systemic disease. Engaging with Industry to improve the acquisition and broadening the application of retinal imaging.

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