Edinburgh Imaging

12 Apr 18. Prof Edwin van Beek

Professor Edwin van Beek, SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Radiology, discusses his research into cardiac (heart) & thoracic (chest) imaging.


Transcript - Prof Edwin van Beek, 2018 

"Hello, I’m Edwin van Beek the SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Radiology at the University of Edinburgh, and I’m also an Honorary Consultant Radiologist at the Royal Infirmary.

Most of my research is in the chest, so doing both cardiac and thoracic imaging. I take part in very large scale studies – some of them predate my arrival here, so they’ve been going on for a long time. The article behind me for instance is an article from the COPD gene study, where we looked at correlations between asthma and patients with emphysema that was recently published in the Journal of Chest.

Other work I’m involved with is mainly around positron emission tomography, both using computed tomography and MRI, as hybrid imaging methods. This gets right to a number of different types of projects, for instance here is an example, where we looked at aortic aneurysms and the changes that occur to see if we can predict patients who are going to go on to have complications from this sort of disease."