Edinburgh Imaging

23 May 18. Dr Fergus Doubal

Dr Fergus Doubal highlights his research using brain imaging & retinal imaging to investigate dementia & stroke.


Transcript - Dr Fergus Doubal, 2018

"Hello, my name's Fergus Doubal and I’m one of the Senior Stroke Researchers at the University of Edinburgh, and I’m going to briefly describe some of the work we’re doing investigating dementia and stroke.

Now, sometimes, small vessel diseases can cause stroke and dementia, but the trouble is we don’t know exactly what causes the disease in these small blood vessels in the brain. Partly because they’re too small for us to see on brain imaging, so one way we’ve managed to get round this in the past is to use photographs of the back of the eye, and you can see these behind me. So when we look at photographs of the back of the eye, we can look at the blood vessels in the eye and this can tell us about the brain.

So, so far we have managed to find some interesting observations, and we’ve just taken delivery of a new machine, which will tell us more information about the nerves at the back of the eye as well. Now, hopefully with these new machines, we’ll be able to find new treatments for stroke and dementia, but perhaps more importantly, be able to prevent stroke and dementia happening in the future.

Thank you."