Edinburgh Imaging

26 Jun 17. Prof Andrew Farrall

Inaugural lecture. Imaging: much more than a pretty picture.


Images surround us. They permeate our physical and virtual spaces. They also populate somewhat less conspicuous, but important territories.

Images underpin a large variety of research - from clinical trials, to laboratory cellular methods, from equipment design and development, to innovations in image visualization, processing and analysis.

Imaging is consequently highly interdisciplinary, requiring the expertise of radiologists, physicists, engineers, computer scientists, and technologists, interfacing with other systems-based medical, clinical and science specialists. Integrating these different disciplines, to maximize research outputs and avoid “siloesque” working, is not always straightforward.

During his lecture Professor Andrew Farrall will explore the challenges and benefits, of educating and training the diverse population of researchers, who use images to push forward the frontiers of their disciplines.