Edinburgh Imaging

22 May 18. Dr Marc Dweck

Dr Marc Dweck discusses his research into novel imaging techniques, applied to the heart, to investigate cardiac diseases such as myocardial infarction & cardiomyopathies.


Transcript - Dr Marc Dweck, 2018

"My names Marc Dweck, I’m a cardiologist in Edinburgh. I’m also a researcher, I spend half my time doing research, and my interest is in using novel methods of imaging to look at the heart and to try work out what’s causing disease processes within it, and then trying to come up with treatments to improve the way that we look after our patients.

So we’re doing big studies in patients with heart attacks, in patients with aortic valve disease, in patients with heart muscle disease, and we’re using the imaging to try and improve how they do. So improve the diagnosis, improve the treatments that they get so they’re better targeted, and hopefully make them live longer and have less in the way of symptoms."