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13 Nov 20. Featured Paper

Feasibility & diagnostic accuracy of using brain attenuation changes on CT to estimate time of ischemic stroke onset.

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Grant Mair, Awad Alzahrani, Richard I. Lindley, Peter A. G. Sandercock & Joanna M. Wardlaw



Purpose: CT attenuation of ischemic brain reduces with time after stroke onset.

We aimed to quantify this relationship & test the feasibility & accuracy of estimating stroke onset time using only CT attenuation of visible ischemic lesions, the CT-Clock Tool.

Methods: We selected CT scans with ischemic lesions representing a range of stroke-onset-to-scan times (elapsed time) from a well-defined stroke trial.

We measured the attenuation of ischemic lesions & contralateral normal brain to derive attenuation ratio.

We assigned scans to development (75%) or test (25%) datasets.

We plotted the relationship between attenuation ratio & elapsed time in the development dataset & derived a best-fit curve.

We calculated estimated time in the test dataset using only the attenuation ratio curve.

We compared estimated time to elapsed time & derived absolute error for estimated time.

We assessed area under the receiver operating characteristic (AUROC) curve for identifying scans ≤ 4.5 h elapsed time.

Results: We included 342 scans from 200 patients (41% male, median age 83 years).

Elapsed time range: 22 min to 36 days.

Estimation errors were least at early elapsed times (r = 0.82, p < 0.0001): median absolute error was 23, 106, 1030 & 1933 min for scans acquired ≤ 3, > 3–9, > 9–30 & > 30 h from stroke onset, respectively. AUROC was high at 0.955.

Conclusions: It is feasible to accurately estimate stroke onset time using simple attenuation measures of ischemic brain.

Our method was most accurate 0–9 h from onset & may be useful for treatment eligibility assessment, especially where imaging resources are limited.





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