Edinburgh Imaging

16 May 18. Dr Emilio Quaia

Dr Emilio Quaia, Senior Research Fellow, discusses his research interests in liver, kidney & bowel diseases including cirrhosis, renal failure & Crohn's disease.


Transcript - Dr Emilio Quaia, 2018

"Hello, I am Dr Emilio Quaia. I am a medical doctor, I got my degree in Italy. I presently am part of the Edinburgh Imaging facility, and my title is Senior Research Fellow.

My principal field of research is the abdomen, in particular the liver, the cirrhotic liver, the bowel, in patients with Crohn’s disease, in the kidney, in particular the appearance of diffused renal parenchymal disease in ultrasound.

In the past, I was very involved as here, in microbubble contrast agent for ultrasound scans of the liver and the kidney. I am very involved also in research regarding the chest and the cardiac CT, and also in clinical reporting in this field."