Edinburgh Imaging

25 Sep 15. Dr Will Whiteley

Dr Will Whiteley, neurologist, describes his research interest in the development of better methods to predict outcome after stroke, & the integration of outcome predictions into clinical practice, particularly using smart-phones.



"Hello, I’m William Whiteley and I’m a consultant neurologist working with stroke patients.

I’m also a clinician scientist funded by the MRC, working in the University of Edinburgh stroke research group.

When patients walk into my clinic they want to know what the future holds for them. So I’m working to make better predictions of future health of major and minor stroke patients, with statisticians and epidemiologists in the University. Collaborating with stroke trialist around the world, we’re seeking to ask whether patients are high or low risk after stroke, benefit from different treatments.

Finally, we’ve made iPhone apps to help communicate the chance of different health outcomes to stroke patients and their families."