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About Us

Edinburgh Imaging is an academic hub of expertise in medical imaging, pre-clinical imaging, microscopy, image analysis & imaging science education. By working closely with our world class clinicians & scientists, we aim to enhance the quality of life for patients & create solutions to disease, through our medical imaging research, our NHS clinical service & our online education programmes.

  • Approximately £35 million has been spent on our facilities since 1999 but nearly half of this was spent in 2015-17
  • We have a large number of on-campus and distance-learning students
Watch our video, highlighting the three main medical imaging facilities that we have in Edinburgh.



Edinburgh has a long and distinguished history of imaging excellence

Symposia & seminars

All the latest and past events.

Edinburgh Imaging Alliance

Edinburgh Imaging Alliance has been established to continue the growth of the medical imaging sector and associated expertise in Edinburgh.

Knowledge Exchange

We provide resources suitable for both public and professional engagement


We are one of the largest academic imaging teams in the UK with over 100 employees.