Edinburgh Imaging

11 Jun 18. Prof Ian Marshall

Professor Ian Marshall highlights his medical physics-based research - applications of magnetic resonance (MR) in brain imaging, improving technical factors, & evaluating blood flow.


Transcript - Prof Ian Marshall, 2018

"I’m Ian Marshall, I’m a medical physicist, and I specialise in MRI research, and that’s mainly brain imaging, and it’s applied to clinical studies.

So going beyond the normal, familiar structural images, I’m pushing things in towards looking at more functional aspects of the brain, so for example measuring chemicals in the brain, looking at blood flow. These methods take more time of course, and so to underpin all that work I’m collaborating with signal processing experts, who we are together developing techniques to speed up the scanning process, and it turns out those methods are in turn built on some of the methods that are used on the internet to compress images and video clips.

It’s really satisfying to bring together the mathematics, the physics, the engineering, and apply them to medicine."