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19 Nov 18. MSc student visits Edinburgh Imaging

One of our MSc Neuroimaging for Research final year students talked to us about her motivation for & experiences while studying online.

NI4R 2018 Alison

Alison originally graduated with a degree in Diagnostics & Therapeutic Radiography.

She has always been interested in research, particularly in psychiatry & neurology.

Where Alison was working, options for engaging with research were limited.

The Edinburgh Imaging Academy Neuroimaging for Research MSc programme offered Alison the opportunity to study the subjects she was interested in, remotely, online, on a flexible schedule.


Click here to view Alison’s student testimonial video.


We asked Alison her advice for students considering enrolling on one of our courses:

For those contemplating starting the course I’d say that it is a really good opportunity if you were in a situation where you’re unsure about becoming a student again, you have other commitments, & you’re scared about starting a full-time course, this would be a really good alternative because it is flexible so I would recommend it very much.

Alison ZammitNeuroimaging for Research MSc student


Click here to view Alison’s student testimonial video.


Edinburgh Imaging Academy

Our programmes are fully online & delivered part-time. Online learning at the University of Edinburgh is designed to be flexible & to tie in with work & family commitments.

We provide a flexible intermittent structure, to allow students to take study breaks, after each taught stage if required.