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Quick-Fire Five with Thomas Chaurin, Head of Languages (Short Courses)

Thomas Chaurin tells us all about language learning as part of the Short Courses Summer Edit.

A photo of Thomas Chaurin, Head of Languages for All

Have you always dreamed of learning a new language? Or do you want to become a more confident language speaker?

Then why not join us at the Centre for Open Learning this summer?

Throughout July and August, we’ll be running short courses in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish that focus on communicating in real life situations.

Want to know more?

Then check out our quick-fire five questions with Thomas Chaurin, Head of Languages (Short Courses) and get the inside view on 2019’s summer of language learning!

1. What makes the languages Summer Edit so special?

During the summer, we offer semi-intensive courses in five of our twenty-three languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. These courses are shorter than our term-long courses (four weeks instead of ten) and are a perfect opportunity to start learning a language right from the beginning or to refresh your linguistic skills. All our summer courses run in the evening and most of them are available twice, in July and in August.

2. What do you think are the main benefits of language learning?

We know the importance of languages in communicating with speakers of other languages and in understanding their culture. Research, and the University of Edinburgh is at the forefront in that field, also tells us that language learning is healthy for our brain. Let me just add that language learning is fun, with hands-on communicative activities in small groups. It is also very rewarding and you will make tangible progress at every stage of your learning.

3. Who are the courses suitable for?

Our courses are open to everyone, at any age and at every step in their language learning. Whether you need to learn a language to be able to perform basic daily transactions (you will reach end A1 level of the CEFR after your Beginning 3 course), to communicate whilst traveling or hosting a speaker of another language (our Fluency 2 is at the end of A2 level), or to relocate to a country for leisure, study or work (our Fluency 3 is at the end of B1 level), we have a course for you. We will help you find a suitable course and plan your learning to reach your objectives.

4. What can students expect from their course tutors?

Our tutors are expert and passionate language teachers. They will create a friendly and supportive classroom environment where every student can participate actively and learn. Our approach is task-based, and we will focus on communication skills, with stress on listening and speaking.

5. What is your favourite thing about Edinburgh in the summertime?

Summer for me is when family and friends come to visit, and Edinburgh in the summer is gorgeous! I love showing them around, going to see a show after work and enjoying a late sunset on the Firth of Forth or on the top of Blackford Hill.  


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