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As Edinburgh University alumna JK Rowling once said, ‘we have the power to imagine better,’ and we’ve got just the courses to help you #GetInspired and access your creative mind this autumn.

Whether it's drawing and painting to art history and music courses, we’ve put together some savvy suggestions from the University of Edinburgh's 2019/20 Short Courses Term 1 programme (for all budgets and interests) to get your creative juices flowing.

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There are LOADS to choose from, but here's a taster of just a few of our creative genres to whet your palette!



Film, Media & Contemporary Cultures | Writing for Publication: Freelance Journalism

Offered throughout all of our 2019/20 Terms 1-3, this course is for budding journalists that want to write for the classic prints such as newspapers, magazines and reviews. By the end of the course, you’ll have learnt effective interviewing and research techniques. You should also be confident with how and where to present work for a number of different publications.


Art History | Understanding Colour

Join us as we take you on a journey of the colour spectrum throughout time, and explore the uses of colour in the National Museum of Scotland’s Collections. From natural pigments to camouflage, dyes and industrial production, you’ll gain an understanding of the sourcing and relevance of colours used. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to identify the uses and put it into historical context and will be better acquainted with the museum's collections.


Literature | Angels and Androgynes – Fantastical Beings in Modern Fiction

This course explores the rebellious nature that are present in many fictitious characters and how modern writers are using storytelling techniques to redefine societal norms including gender, age and sexuality. Sessions take on many forms and are a mixture of lectures, group discussions and video clips. If you’re keen to develop your public speaking skills, there will also be an option to present on a specific point of interest.


Music | Learn the Ukulele: Absolute beginners (Learn the Ukulele)

Have you always wanted to strum on a uke, or are you keen to serenade your friends with some folk, blues, jazz and ragtime tunes? This 10-week beginner’s course will teach you how to play, produce and perform a range of different genres of music in addition to introducing you to the theory, history, scales and chords.  Instruments aren't provided, so bring your uke along!


Drawing & Painting | Contemporary Watercolours: An Introduction

How about brushing up on your painting skills? From watercolours like gouache to drawing inks such as acrylic and shellac, this course will help you evolve your techniques and approaches to each medium. You'll cover a variety of specialist processes and concepts including sketchbook management, texture creation, colour mixing, composition and editing and MORE! This course can also be taken for credit, and points gained from this course can count towards the Certificate of Higher Education.


 Term 1 starts in September and courses are filling up fast, so book your place as soon as you can...

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