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A range of Short Courses designed that explore the culture, history and politics of Scotland.

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Scotland. Famous for haggis, whisky, bagpipes and highland coos.

But beyond the obvious (and perhaps stereotypical!) Scotland has a rich musical tradition, a complex political landscape and deep history - the legacy of which can be seen and felt in many aspects of modern society.   

This summer, the University of Edinburgh’s Short Courses Summer Edit presents a range of courses that put Scotland at heart and explore the diverse aspects of this proud nation.

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The Music of Scotland

A beginner’s guide to the extraordinary range of music in Scotland.

From the Gaelic ceòl mòr to the fiddling tradition to trailblazing contemporary pop, you’ll have fun exploring the key characteristics of the Scottish musical tradition. You’ll listen to excerpts and consider Scotland’s key position in the Northern European musical tradition by casting a glance at its Nordic neighbours.


Scottish Politics in Context

Learn about key actors, institutions and events in the Scottish political landscape.

On this extremely topical course, you’ll analyse and debate contemporary Scottish politics and discuss recent electoral events such as the Brexit referendum.

This course includes a visit to the Scottish Parliament!


Portraits of Scotland

A unique look at Scottish history through the lens of paintings in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Using portraits and images of key figures in Scottish history (some of which were developed years later), you’ll examine how these visual representations of military leaders, royals and poets, have influenced perceptions and interpretations of Scottish history and identity.

Includes, of course, a visit to the National Portrait Gallery.


A Day of Scottish Heraldry

Heraldry - the system by which coats of arms and other armorial bearings are devised, described and regulated.

Heraldry (or, more correctly, Armory) is often dismissed as mere symbology. On this course, you’ll examine the body of laws and historical, legal and ceremonial context that in fact makes it a strictly regulated part of modern Scotland.

This one day course culminates in a heraldic tour of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.


Imagining Scotland on Screen

From haunted castles and mysterious mists to jolly bagpiping, kilt-clad laddies and lassies, this course will explore some of the images of Scotland presented by Hollywood and other cinemas.

You’ll use film clips and discussion to explore the different practices of commercial and independent cinemas and debate questions such as ‘Which aspects of Scottish culture appear more often in film'?  And ‘Why are certain traits highlighted and not others?’


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