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The University of Edinburgh’s Short Courses Summer Edit offers a range of workshops, sessions and courses lasting just a few hours.

An image from the Short Course - 'How Do We Make Facial Expressions?'

Let us guess…

You want to learn something new but can’t seem to find the time? Or you’re not sure where to start?

Start here!

Mastering a new skill or getting an introduction needn’t take weeks – the University of Edinburgh’s Short Courses Summer Edit includes a range of workshops and courses that last just a few hours.

And with subjects covering the history of post-mortem examinations to an introduction to classical music, there really is something for everyone.

Check out just a few of our “bite-size” courses below…


How Do We Make Facial Expressions?

This interactive workshop brings together anatomy and art.

In a relaxed and creative environment, you’ll be guided through the anatomy of the face and how we create different expressions. You'll then get hands-on to create your own three-dimensional representation using clay and plastic skulls (see pic!).


Classical Music: An Introduction

A beginner’s guide to Western Classical Music.

This course offers a friendly, fun introduction to symphonies, concertos, chamber music and opera. Through discussion, you’ll get to know the lives and works of some well-known composers and listen to some of their music.

Definitely no previous experience required!


How to Make GIF Animations

Looking to up your social media game? Then this one’s for you!

Creative communication tools such as GIF animations are used across the internet and social media platforms. This workshop will introduce you to the skills needed to conceive, create and share your own ideas. You’ll also learn some essentials around copyright and media open to use.


Five Centuries of Post-Mortem Examinations at the University of Edinburgh

Not necessarily one for the squeamish but this promises to be fascinating!

In this lecture-style mini-course, you’ll explore the ways in which post-mortem examination of human cadavers has helped in establishing the cause and the manner of death, from the founding of the University of Edinburgh in 1582 to the present day.


Chekov: Comedy Shorts

One day devoted to three short plays.

Using ‘The Bear’, ‘A Marriage Proposal’ and ‘On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco’ as your focus, you’ll investigate the key themes and the dramatic and literary techniques used in Anton Chekhov’s plays.

Through lectures and guided tutorials, you’ll look at what inspired Chekhov to create the plays and explore his role in the late 19th Century Russian literary scene.


This is just a taster of what’s on offer this summer, explore our full collection of courses below:

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