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Learn Something New This Summer!

A sneak peek at some of the top picks from the Short Courses Summer Edit.

Short Courses Summer Edit

Looking to learn something new this summer?

Then look no further! On Monday 29 April 2019 the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Open Learning will launch a range of Short Courses designed to spark your imagination, inspire your creativity and challenge you to do something a little different.

What Can You Expect?

Whether you want to try something new over a couple of hours or study in more depth, the new and exciting Short Courses Summer Edit really does offer something for everyone.

Throughout June, July and August over 50 courses will run across a range of subject areas including Science and Nature; Art and Design; Film and Philosophy (to name but a few).

Look below for a sneak peek at some of our top picks and start planning your summer of learning!  

1. uCreate Your Own 3D Selfie 

Clone yourself - selfie style!

This digital skills workshop will let you get hands-on with  3D scanning, modelling and printing techniques to create a life-size model of yourself.  

Not quite a hologram, but one heck of a selfie! 

2. Introduction to Scottish Genealogy

Discover your own history. 

Learn the skills and find the resources necessary to research, compile, prove and display your own family trees.  You'll learn the basics of roots research using materials from sources both online and from a variety of archived and published sources. 

3. Women in Philosophy

Ever wondered why women have been so underrepresented in philosophy?  Is there a special contribution that women can bring to philosophy? 

This course will explore those questions and examine the female philosophers whose contributions helped shape the realm.  You'll discover major figures of the recent past such as Susan Stebbing, Elizabeth Anscombe and Mary Midgley, and contemporary philosophers such as Rae Langton and Susan Haack.

4. How to Make GIF Animations 

Up your social media game!

With the advent of new digital technologies come new approaches to creative communication. GIF animations are used across the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  This course will help you develop the skills needed to conceive, create and share your own.

5. Street Photography 

Use Edinburgh as your inspiration. 

This course will take you on a visual journey of Edinburgh's hidden gems to discover the potential of street photography. You'll turn the ordinary into something extraordinary as you learn to document people and places and experiment with shutter speeds, lighting and compositions.   

6. Dolly, DNA & Me

Did you know that the University of Edinburgh was the world’s first institution to clone a mammal?

That was Dolly the sheep. And this summer, the university invites you inside its world-class research facilities to examine your own DNA. In this laboratory-based workshop, you'll get a chance to look at your own cells under the microscope and extract and bottle your own DNA. You can even take it home with you! 

7. An Insight into the Edinburgh International Film Festival 

And finally,  it’s not a newbie,  but it's definitely a goodie!

Running for almost 20 years, this course is almost as much of an institution as the festival itself so why not... 

Dive into the Edinburgh International Film Festival and get VIP access to the world's longest continually-running film festival. This includes passes to premieres, in-person talks with actors and filmmakers, industry events and press screenings. The course offers structured, yet engaging, lectures and tutorials to explore the films screened at the festival.

Booking for the Short Courses Summer Edit opens on Monday 29 April 2019.

Spaces are limited so sign up to request a brochure and make sure you don’t miss out!

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