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Last Chance to Book a Term 1 Short Course!

Term 1 courses are starting in 10 day's time, so don't miss your chance to learn something new this autumn!

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Keen to start learning something new this month, but haven’t picked a course yet? Term 1 Booking deadlines are approaching and with so many courses to choose from, if you’re still deciding, we’re here to help you #GetInspired. We thought we’d narrow it down by highlighting a range of both daytime and evening courses from Term 1 that are starting very soon...

Online booking deadlines are 8 days before the course start dates, so now’s the time to book away!


Music | Mozart’s Opera

Starts: Monday 23 September

Are you a Mozart fan or would you like to enhance your level of knowledge of the classical composer’s work? From Don Giovanni to the Magic Flute and Mozart’s early operas, this course identifies the key elements of these iconic pieces including social, political and cultural themes to help you experience opera to its fullest potential.


Art History | Scottish Art in the Age of Change 1945-2000

Starts: Tuesday 24 September

Are you fascinated by contemporary Scottish art? This course takes you on a journey through the history of the movement. From Paolozzi to Eardley, Finlay and Borland, you’ll also explore the ‘Generation’ artists to assess their work in addition to evaluating their impact on society.


Film, Media and Contemporary Cultures | Hollywood: The Unsung Heroes

Starts: Tuesday 24 September

Calling all film buffs – this one’s for you! From lesser known film industry directors like Rex Ingram and Clarence Brown to independent pioneers like Don Siegel, this course dives deep into the sometimes overlooked classics of American cinema. From complete regular screenings to discussions, you’ll learn to critically examine the evolution of cinema and its role in pop culture as well as becoming familiar with visual and narrative techniques.


History | Scottish Handwriting

Starts: Tuesday 24 September

Are you eager to decode the transcripts from 1500-1700 Scotland? This course will teach you how to read old handwriting as well as improve your archival research techniques. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to handle and transcribe original Scottish documents, understand the National Records of Scotland filing systems and be an expert at 16th and 17th century scrawl.


Creative Writing | Adaptation for Film

Starts: Wednesday 25 September

Have you got a story (or poem) that you’d like to tell on the screen? Then this is the course for you! You’ll learn how to take a ready-made story and translate it so it best reaches a viewing audience. You'll also learn effective writing, editing, presentation and critical analysis skills.

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