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Get the Certificate of Higher Education

Work towards a qualification with our University of Edinburgh Short Courses for credit

Do you fancy working towards a nationally recognised university qualification? Did you know that by taking our credit courses* you can get a Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE). The Cert HE is a part-time programme which gives you a qualification to reflect your knowledge and skillsets learnt on our Short Courses.

Cert HE student Helen Campbell with her daughter Claire Bruce
Cert HE student, Helen Campbell (right), with her daughter Claire

How does it work?

You are eligible for the certificate once you accumulate 120 credits from any of our Short Courses for credit – the equivalent of taking about 6 to 12 Short Courses for credit (depending on the courses you choose). It’s REALLY flexible because you can select the courses you want to take out of a wide range of subjects, and it allows you to complete your study within three to five years.

*Please note, all of our credit courses are clearly labelled in our brochure and on our website, so have a browse to view our selection available throughout our different subject areas.

Additional Benefits:

When you take one of our Short Courses for credit, you’ll fully matriculate as a University of Edinburgh student and will gain access to a number of resources including:

Students taking Art & Design credit courses will have access to:

  • Studio space to work from in their free time
  • The Centre for Open Learning Mac suite
  • The reprographics department at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)

Want to learn more?

We spoke to Cert HE student Helen Campbell about her experience on the programme...

Helen Campbell started the Cert HE course about 3 years ago and will complete the programme this December. As a student registered with the Student Disability Service, Helen had access to a personal assistant, Jean, to help her in her classes including both physical and practical tasks.

I have enjoyed this course so much and it has added to the quality of my life. It has introduced me to an incredibly enjoyable subject which I can continue with after the course is over. I also feel the course has really added to the social side of my life each week through class work with other people who share my interest and have made friends.

Why did you choose to apply for the Cert HE?

I wanted to do the full Cert HE in art because I wanted to receive the tuition involved. As a registered disabled student, I had a person there to help me in the class. Jean fetched and prepared paper, resources, adjusted my easel to enable my access to the learning.

I also had a tutor assigned to me for the course, Oliver Reed, who oversaw my journey and personal development in art.

What new skills did you learn?

As a beginner in art going in, I feel I have gone from not being able to paint, draw, collage, work in mixed media to now being able to express myself through all of these techniques.

What’s been the highlight of the programme?

Having some of my work in an exhibition in the Art & Design department at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Open Learning as well as having tuition from experienced artists.

Did anything surprise you about the course?

Sometimes people think, because they feel they can’t draw or paint, they could never be considered to do an art course. But the course is about tuition to enable you to draw. Art can be for anyone with an interest to try it. It also surprised me how much interest was shown in me as a student and in my art.

Would you recommend the Cert HE?

Yes, definitely. I was so unsure whether I would be suitable for this course due to my lack of knowledge, but I decided to give it and go, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have really looked forward to the classes each week. I would like to encourage people, whether they be older and retired like me, or in a different situation, to consider taking the Cert HE at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Open Learning.

How to apply:

There are no prerequisites required to apply for the Certificate of Higher Education. The 2019/2020 application deadline is Sunday 1 September at midnight so apply today

For more info about Cert HE and to apply, click here