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19/20 Term 2 Short Courses - Our Top Picks!

Do Something Different in 2020 - University of Edinburgh Short Courses Starting in January

2019/20 Short Courses Term 2 starts in January and is now open for booking. This is a great opportunity to kickstart your 2020 with fresh experiences. Whether it’s mixing up your weekly routine, learning a new skill, trying out a different activity or meeting  people with similar interests, our Short Courses provide all of these benefits.

As there’s plenty to choose from across 13 different subject areas, we’ve rounded up five of our favourites from a range of categories.


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History | Immigration in Britain

Starts: Wednesday 15 January

From the past to the present, this history course evaluates cultural attitudes and practices that have occurred throughout Britain surrounding religion, race and national identity. You’ll learn how to consider aspects of potential change and continuity in regard to Britain’s historical and current responses to immigration from both the authorities and the wider population’s perspectives.


Literature | Exploring Science Fiction

Starts Thursday 16 Jan

Sci-Fi fans, look no further! This course delves deep into a number of classics from the 20th century. Not only will you analyse the novels and concepts, but you’ll also have the opportunity to discuss these ideas further and what they say about society.


Philosophy | Cities of God: Religion and Political Thought 

Starts: Thursday 16 January

This course focuses on the role that ‘God’ and religion has played on the evolution of western political philosophy throughout time. From Socrates and Plato to St. Thomas Aquinas and Thomas Hobbes, the course ends discussing the frequent controversial relationship between politics and religion in our current environment.


Science and Nature| Earth Science

Starts: Thursday 16 January 2020

There are plenty of geological gems throughout Scotland’s landscape. From fossils, to rocks, faults and folds, this 10-week course explores the past, present and future of Earth science with a focus on Scotland’s geological climate, events and history.


Art History | Japanese Textiles

Starts: Saturday 8 February

Discover the art of Japanese textiles including the relationship between ancient crafts and current technologies in this one-day workshop. From traditional kimonos to current textile artists, students will leave the course with a deeper knowledge of the Japanese textile industry including materials.


Interested in another subject area? Browse our full range of categories within our 2020 Short Courses below.

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