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2019/20 Short Courses - New Courses!

An inside view of some of the best new courses in the 2019/20 Short Courses programme.

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Looking to learn something new?  Then look no further!

Because on Monday 22 July, the University of Edinburgh will launch a range of Short Courses designed to inspire your creativity and challenge you to do something a little different.

Whether you want to study in-depth or try something new over a few hours, there really is something for everyone in the 2019/20 Short Courses programme.

And… there’s loads of great new additions this year, across all subject areas.  

So for the inside view on what’s new, check out some of our top picks below…

Archaeology | Ancient Monsters

Supernatural, composite creatures and fear-inducing monsters were prominent in the imagination of peoples of the ancient Near East and the classical world. 

On this course, you’ll examine the iconography of these ancient awe-inspiring monsters as they appear in ancient literature, Egyptian archaeology and the Bible.

Art and Design | Introduction to the Graphic Novel and Comic Book Art

On this introductory course, you’ll explore how comics and graphic novels work and what makes them an exciting and unique medium.

You’ll explore the art of visual storytelling through practical workshops focused on drawing, and expressing movement as well as classes dedicated to story writing and digital processes.

Art History | 3000 Years of European Arts and Architecture 1000-1500 (Series)

Five centuries in five weeks.

On this course, you’ll focus on a period of dramatic change where arts and architecture in Europe accompanied a broad range of cultural shifts. You’ll explore the less documented Romanesque to the stardom status of 1400s artists.

This course is one of a series looking at a period of history stretching 3000 years. Don’t forget to check out the others!

Film Media and Contemporary Cultures | Melodrama and the American Dream

From the end of World War II to the dawn of the 60s, Hollywood melodrama was both a celebration and a critique of the American Dream and influenced the dreams and aspirations of audiences around the world.

On this course, you’ll explore the films that shaped the world we live in today.

History | Scotland: Romance and Reality

Accompanying the major National Museum of Scotland exhibition, Wild and Majestic, this one day course will explore the Romantic images of Scotland formed in the 18th and 19th centuries, of highlands and heroes.

You’ll discuss the influence of art and literature, transport and tourism and the role of figures such as Queen Victoria and Walter Scott.

Literature | Gender and Sexuality in Literature

From Shakespeare to Angela Carter you’ll examine the centrality of gender and sexuality in the discussion of literature and culture.

You’ll focus on the construction of gender identity, sexuality and gender norms and explore LGBTQ+ narratives.

Music | Global Rhythms: Icons of World Music

Using a variety of audio and video extracts, you’ll be introduced to the style and influence of five major figures in non-English language music of the 20th century.

You’ll discuss in detail, works by artists such as Serge Gainsbourg (France), Caetano Veloso (Brazil) and Ash Bhosle (India).

Personal Development | Living With Dementia: Communicating (Series)

One in a series of Short Courses focused on living with dementia and is ideal for family caregivers and care workers who are seeking appropriate and positive communicative approaches to apply within their caregiving relationships.

You’ll discuss the way in which people living with dementia may communicate and appropriate responses and strategies of communication.

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences | Psychology

Why do we sleep? How do we make decisions? How do we remember and why do we forget?

On this course, you’ll explore the key principles and theories of human thought and behaviour.

Science and Nature | DNA Profiling

DNA Profiling (sometimes called DNA fingerprinting) is a powerful identification tool.

In this workshop, you’ll step inside the University of Edinburgh’s state-of-the-art laboratory at Easter Bush Science Centre and run DNA profiles on sheep DNA – and use the resulting profiles to solve a mystery!

Social, Political and Legal Studies | Debating Current Affairs

Look behind the headlines and learn more about major political issues and events.

On this course, you’ll be introduced to key concepts in the study of British and International politics and debate events such as elections or party conferences as well as global issues such as climate change.


These are just some of the new additions for 2019/20!  To see what else is new, check out our full range below.

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