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Science and Nature Short Courses at the University of Edinburgh.

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Science and technology play increasingly important roles in our lives. Advances in medicine, transportation and communications have made life a lot easier but at the same time contribute to new problems in the natural world like pollution, habitat loss and dwindling resources.

Never before have these intertwined concepts been as relevant.

So why not explore them further?

The University of Edinburgh’s 2019/20 Short Courses programme offers a range of Science and Nature courses that are designed to challenge and inspire.

Take a look below for our pick of the courses running in Term 1…


The Seven Hills of Edinburgh 

Edinburgh's landscape is dominated by the Seven Hills, each with a hard core of igneous rock that has been altered and eroded over millions of years by natural forces and more recently by human activity.

On this course, you’ll visit each of the hills to explore what they tell us about the past, and how they contribute to today’s city.

Bring your walking boots!


Earth Science: An Introduction (Course 1)

Geology is a broad subject covering the spectrum of scale, from the whole planet down to a grain of sand.

This course will take you from Earth’s cosmic neighbourhood to the planet’s interior and back up on to its surface via plate tectonics, volcanism, metamorphism and sedimentary processes to develop an understanding of how the Earth works.


Forensic Medicine and Science: Obtaining Evidence

This course explores medical and scientific forensic procedures used in the period following a suspicious death, providing the information required to determine whether a crime has taken place.

You’ll look at the manner in which perceptions of forensic medicine and science may be shaped by both factual and fictional presentations, from news reports to films.

And even have the chance to examine some human skeletal teaching material!  


The Biology of Birds – Evolution, Flight and Migration

Immerse yourself in the wonderful diversity of birdlife and study how birds have evolved to become perfectly adapted to fly, with some species able to migrate over incredible distances.

This course will suit anyone with an interest in birds, from beginners to those wishing to deepen their knowledge.


uCreate Your Own 3D Selfie

Take a selfie - in 3D!

Step inside the innovative University of Edinburgh’s uCreate studios and get hands-on with 3D scanning, modelling and printing techniques to create a life-size model of yourself.  

Not quite a hologram, but one heck of a selfie! 


Of course, these are just some of the Science and Nature Short Courses on offer in 2019/20, click the button below and explore the full range…


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