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A range of Short Courses that explore the archaeology, history, art and music of Scotland.

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Scotland. Famous for haggis, whisky, bagpipes and bad weather.

But beyond this obvious (and perhaps stereotypical!) impression, we know that Scotland has a deep historical and archaeological past; a rich cultural tradition and a complex political landscape. The legacy of this all can be seen and felt in many aspects of modern society.

The University of Edinburgh’s 2019/20 Short Courses programme takes inspiration from this past in many ways and offers a range of courses that put Scotland at heart and explore the diverse aspects of this proud nation.

Take a closer look below at some of the courses running from January 2020…


Music | The Music of Scotland

A beginner’s guide to the extraordinary range of music in Scotland.

From the Gaelic ceòl mòr, to the fiddling tradition to trail blazing contemporary pop, you’ll have fun exploring the key characteristics of the Scottish musical tradition. You’ll listen to excerpts and consider Scotland’s key position in the Northern European musical tradition by casting a glance at its Nordic neighbours.


Archaeology | Archaeology of Scotland: Stone and Bronze, the Early Prehistory

A wide ranging introduction to the culture and landscape of early prehistoric Scotland.

From the first hunter-gatherers to the origins of metalworking, you’ll journey through archaeological sites and focus on reconstructing the economy, society and ideology of prehistoric people.

You’ll also have an opportunity to get hands on with a range of excavated materials!


Art History | A History of Scottish Art  

An introduction to the development of art in Scotland within its broad socio-historical context.

Travelling from early Christian times to the Modern World via the Reformation, Union, the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution, you’ll asses the development of art in Scotland and discuss its national and international dimensions.


History | Scotland: From Reformation to Revolution, 1560-1690

A history of early modern Scotland, based at the National Museum of Scotland.

With Scotland’s National Museum as your inspirational backdrop, you’ll discover some of Scotland’s best known and influential monarchs – Mary Queen of Scots, James VI and Charles I – within the context of the social and political factors which influenced early modern Scotland.


History | Scotland and Slavery

A discussion about Scotland’s role in slavery will be discussed through items on display at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Over one hour, you’ll consider Scotland’s involvement with slavery in the Caribbean during the 18th and 19th centuries. Discussion topics will include the slave regime, Scottish abolitionism and the legacies of slavery.


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