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5 Evening Courses Starting in January!

Booking is now open for our Short Courses Term 2 evening courses. Do Something Different in 2020

Are you a busy parent, professional, student or perhaps all three who’s interested in building your skillset in 2020? If so, we have courses specifically tailored to fit your schedule starting in January. In addition to daytime courses we offer all sorts of evening Short Courses here at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Open Learning.

From art and design and history courses to science and languages, there’s a diverse selection to choose from catering to all interests.

We’ve rounded up some of our evening courses that you won’t want to miss…


east lothian marine life
Art & Design | Wire Jewellery

Always wanted to make your own earrings or a bracelet? From copper, brass, silver, silver plate, aluminium and wire, this course will show you how to design a variety of high quality creations using a range of crafting techniques.


Languages | Beginners 1 German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese

Our language courses are always in the evenings. While we offer a number of other languages at different levels, if you’re looking to start from scratch this January, these ‘Big 5’ languages are the beginner level courses available early next year. For other levels, we offer 20 more languages so you can pick up where you left off. Browse the link above to view our full selection.


History | Wars and Revolutions: the Making of Britain and the British Empire 1660-1900

Are you interested in how Britain evolved from being relatively unimportant to ruling an empire at the beginning of the 18th century? Not only will you evaluate the impact of the Empire on the politics, society and culture throughout Britain, but you’ll also explore the various types of sources from this period.


Science and Nature | Marine Biology and Ecology

Go back in time and discover how the oceans were formed on earth along with the organisms that reside below sea level. You’ll also take a trip to examine some of the local marine life in East Lothian.


Philosophy, Psychology, Language Science | Moral Philosophy

Are you interested in the foundation of morals and ethical codes? Whether it’s intuitionism or relativism, the course covers a range of theories from the ancient Greeks’ beliefs to today’s concepts.


These are just a small taster of what’s available in Term 2 starting in January. We have more than 15 subject areas to choose from and spaces are filling up, so book your place today.

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