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Course Options Hub

The Course Options Hub will allow you to explore and discover more about the optional courses available across the University.

The content on this 'Course Options Hub' will help you decide which optional courses are right for you.

Welcome Week is a busy period and with so much to explore, current students often tell us that they wish they had taken more time to investigate their course options in advance. It is highly recommended that you use the time in advance of starting your studies to explore your options and choose a selection of courses that you would be happy to take in Semester One. 


What are optional courses? 

Degrees at the University of Edinburgh are made up of different courses. All degree programmes have compulsory courses (sometimes known as core courses) but many also have optional courses. At the start of Year 1, you may have the chance to select a number of optional courses to complement your degree programme, giving you scope to experience a wider range of subjects or even try something new!

Some courses are very popular and you are not guaranteed to get your first choice, so it is best to explore as many courses as possible and have at least 3 courses that you would be happy to take. This could be a great opportunity to take a course you have never even thought of before or know little about. For example, did you know that we teach a really wide range of languages and that the vast majority are available to complete beginners?


Research your course options before September

You cannot confirm your choices until you start

The information and tools below will help you to understand your course options fully before you start your studies.


How to choose optional courses

Information on how to research all of your options before you start

How to confirm your optional courses

Information about how to confirm your course choice(s).

Tools to help you research your optional courses:

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