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Information about how to access your timetable to plan your schedule and work out where your teaching will take place

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The University is committed to delivering 'whole-class' timetable information (e.g. lectures) and 'sub-group' timetable information (e.g. tutorials, labs etc.) to all students.

Your personalised timetable will show your teaching activities by date, time and week pattern and will help you plan your schedule and work out where your classes and lectures will be held. 

Your timetable is shown on your Office 365 calendar that is linked to your university email address. If you are not sure how to access your email we have added a guide below. 

More information about Student Timetables

Optional Courses

If you have additional courses to choose from as part of your Programme, you can use the Course Timetable Browser to see how you can fit your 'optional' courses around your 'core' courses. Your optional courses will show up in your personalised calendar after they have been confirmed with your School at the start of University (usually from Welcome Week onwards). Once you are enrolled in a course, your timetable will be updated in a central timetabling system within 24h.

It is strongly recommended that you look through the information on the Course Options Hub at your earliest convenience so that you have enough time to research your optional courses and understand the process of choosing and confirming your choices.

The information on the Course Options Hub will continue to develop throughout the summer so please do check back in regularly. 

Course Options Hub

How-to view your Personalised Timetable

Video: How to access your Timetable 2022
A short informative session which will show you how to access and engage with your timetable.

This how-to video explains how to access and engage with your personalised timetable

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