New Students

Plan your budget

We advise that you begin to estimate your future living costs, as this will help you budget for your experience during your studies.

Every budget is unique and will vary by person depending on your living situation, such as if you have any dependents, a job or are living in an off-campus flat.

Once you work out your expected income versus your expected expenditure, it’s easy to plan for what’s left - or seek help if there’s going to be a shortfall.

Your income

  • Do you have money saved for University?
  • Are you receiving any funding from anyone or an external company?
  • Are you working or planning to get a part-time job?
  • Do you know where all of your income will be coming from each month that you are at University? 

Fund your studies 

Your expenditure

  • Do you know what your fixed monthly costs will be?
  • Are you aware of all of the costs associated with studying your programme?
  • Do you know when and how you will need to pay for bills? 

Student living costs 

Managing your budget

You first need to learn about your income and spending behaviours. We would recommend that you start by using one of the budget calculator tools below to start with:

UCAS Budget Calculator 

Keeping a regular track of your spending is vital to be sure that you do not unexpectantly run out of money. You can also take advantage of many helpful expense tracker apps to record your spending. 

There is also a dedicated page with a video from our  Deputy Secretary, Students Lucy Evans and Students’ Association President Niamh Roberts talking about the cost of living crisis.

Cost of living | The University of Edinburgh

Advice on managing your budget

The Advice Place offers one to one budgeting support and advice and has a wealth of further information about helping you to plan and manage your budget. 

Budget planning (The Advice Place)

Debt advice (The Advice Place)

Watch our short 'How to...' video for tips on managing your budget

Maximising your money whilst at University can often feel like a daunting prospect, particularly when the cost of living is increasing. This short video will provide you with some useful information and guidance about how you can make the most out of your money.

Video: How to... Pay less (UG/PGT/PGR)
This short video will cover topics such as travel discounts, Totem, Young scot bus pass, free stuff and events and tools and tips. This video is part of the 'How to...' 2023 series.

Financial support and additional funding

 The following pages provide information on financial support and other funding opportunities available to students. Some students may be eligible for support for their specific circumstances. The Advice Place offer advice for students who run into financial difficulty. 

Additional funding (The Advice Place)

Emergencies and hardship funding (The Advice Place)

Scholarships and student funding