New Students

Prepare for learning

We offer a range of study skills support to help you prepare for a mix of in-person and digital teaching.

Teaching and Learning

Student using a laptop in her kitchen.
How we will teach and how you will learn has adapted and developed over the years with a mix of in-person teaching and digital respources ​

Your digital learning environment

Photo of a male student studying on a laptop
The digital elements for most of our programmes will be taught using Learn, your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Returning to Study

If you are a returning student, coming back to the University after the Christmas break, there is a Returning to Study course that has been developed for you. This course recognises the particular challenges that you may face and will help refresh your core study skills, remind you how to find the support you may need in the University, and offer advice and signposting on practical issues, such as internships and accommodation.

Find out more about the Returning to Study course 


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