New Students

Preparing for University

Helpful resources and information to help you to get fully prepared and ready to start University

Preparing for University can feel a bit overwhelming as you may have no idea where to start! We also understand that every one of our new students will have different expectations and needs which will make preparing for University a completely unique experience for each person. 

However, with so much information to help you to prepare, we have put everything in one place for you, so you can clearly see what is essential to complete and when, and if there are any other optional things for you to consider too. 

We recommend that you take time to go through all of the points of the Essential Getting Started Guide - using the helpful checklist at the start first. More information about how to complete all of the essential tasks are also accessible here too. 

Getting Started Guides

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We have a helpful collection of guides that are essential for you to read through before your first few weeks of study with us and to keep referencing during the first few weeks of term. They will provide you with all of the information that you need to get started successfully!

Top 6 Tasks

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There are 6 essential tasks that every student coming to the University to study must complete both 'before you arrive' and 'when you start' in order to start your studies at the University of Edinburgh

Online Information Sessions

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Thinking ahead to starting University can be daunting and you will have lots of questions. We have organised online information sessions that you can attend from anywhere in the world to speak to our teams and ask us any questions.