New Students

Preparing for University

Helpful resources and information to help you to get fully prepared and ready to start University

Preparing for University can feel a bit daunting as you may have no idea where to start. We have created this section of the New Student website to provide you with useful information, and also resources, to help you get fully prepared and ready to start University. 


Getting Started Guides

Woman discussing with a colleague as part of an UG online session
A collection of helpful guides with information and advice on how to 'get started' as a student at the University of Edinburgh. This information is essential for students immediately before your first few weeks of study with us and to keep referencing during the first few weeks of term.

Top 6 Tasks

Person writing down lists on their notebook
There are 6 essential tasks that every student coming to the University to study must complete both 'before you arrive' and 'when you start' in order to start your studies at the University of Edinburgh