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It isn't just alumni who give back to the University. Thelma McGuire has committed herself to supporting research into Alzheimer’s Disease at the University because of a family connection to the disease.

Thelma McGuire

It’s easy to think a University is about books and exams and buildings. But much more fundamentally, a University is about people. It’s about brilliant people, creative people, courageous people. Generous people. Some of them were never even students here.

Thelma McGuire is such a person. Thelma became part of the University community through illness; her late husband, Ted, became ill with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Through his illness, and the support provided to her by Alzheimer’s Scotland, Thelma found out about the pioneering research into Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative conditions at the University of Edinburgh.

A committed supporter

Since then, Thelma has committed herself to supporting both the research at the University, and the care provided by Alzheimer’s Scotland. She has done this through donation, but also through being exceptionally generous with her time.

Thelma has committed herself to fundraising on behalf of both charities, which work in partnership.

It’s so important to be active in supporting research and care in areas that are as important as Alzheimer’s Research. People don’t realise the University is a charity, and that some of the cutting edge research going on there would simply not happen without charitable donations. That’s why I got involved and even have a legacy in my Will.

Thelma McGuire

What's next?

Thelma’s next venture for Alzheimer’s Scotland is the inaugural 'Forget Me Not Ball' on October 19th. Tickets are still available by emailing:

Our next fundraising event in aid of Alzheimer Research at the University of Edinburgh will be an exclusive Christmas shopping evening at Brooks Brothers George details of which will be available soon.

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In the meantime if you would like to support a University project that’s close to your heart - from Epilepsy Research through to Veterinary Care - please contact our Individual Giving Officer, Kerry Mackay, who will be delighted to help.

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