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Student Support for the Price of Gym Membership

Being a student these days can involve some pretty scary numbers but here’s one that’s not so daunting.

Andrew Jamieson

It is possible to set up a full, named bursary at the University of Edinburgh for just £67 a month (plus Gift Aid). That assures a talented student a place at Edinburgh University for not much more than many of us spend on a gym membership.

Providing opportunity

Former student Andrew Jamieson is an Edinburgh alum who has signed up to do just this.

Looking back, Andrew is aware of just how much his degree from Edinburgh has helped him in his subsequent career, and has always been keen to ensure that opportunity is open to those who follow.

I feel privileged to have studied at Edinburgh and take advantage of all it has to offer, and I want those same opportunities to be available to today’s students. I work in the finance industry, which is a very meritocratic place, and I feel it is important that education should be the same – it should be open to everyone with the potential, the drive and the ability to succeed, irrespective of their financial background. I am proud to have set up my own bursary at Edinburgh.

Andrew JamiesonManaging Director, BlackRock

More information

For more information on becoming involved with our student support programme, please contact:

Hannah Schlesinger, Development Manager for Scholarships & Bursaries on 0131 651 4364 or via email.

Neil Burns, Development Officer for Scholarships & Bursaries on 0131 651 1405 or via email.