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Tell Us About Your Students Digs

Edinburgh’s student accommodation has changed dramatically over the years, ranging from traditional digs to newly developed apartments. As part of a project to engage potential students, Accommodation Services would like to know more about your experiences.

Student Meal

To provide potential students with an insight into living in Edinburgh, Accommodation Services would like you to share your experiences of living in the city via their snappy social media identity ‘UoE Living’.

Social Media is a great forum for current and past students to communicate with a diverse range of people who want to know what it is like to live and study in Edinburgh.

Pictures and stories

Student bedroom

We would like you send us pictures and stories that best illustrate your life at The University of Edinburgh.

For pictures, share the image that perfectly portrays your time with us.

For stories, - we would like a short anecdote (the length of a tweet - 140 characters) - describing your student life or a day you will never forget.

Why share my experiences?

Our potential students come from all over the world and from all walks of life - ranging from those who have never left home before, to those who are bringing along partners and families.

Whatever the circumstances, it is always daunting moving to a new place. However by sharing your stories on our social media sites we can provide a great source of information, comfort and even inspiration.

Contact details

To share your images and stories you can either tweet us or send us your pictures and stories via email.

Twitter @uoeliving

We can also be found on Facebook.

UoE Living on Facebook

Please be aware that we will be using your submissions on our social media sites and for open days, therefore if you are not comfortable with this, please do not submit anything.