Alumni Services

How Did You Make It?

We know that hard work and passion were among the key elements that led to your graduation, but you may also have needed financial assistance to help you on your way.

Student support

Perhaps you received a scholarship or bursary, or something less formal such as help with fees, transport, food, accommodation or childcare.

We need your help!

As part of a video documentary project we are looking to interview graduates who have recieved some kind of financial assistance during their time at the University.

We would like to feature alumni from a range of decades as the nature and scale of financial support has changed over time.

We want to understand the extent to which financial support was key to your decision to study at Edinburgh, and the relationship between your degree and your subsequent career.

Would you be willing to explore these issues on camera as part of this project?

What is the documentary for?

The documentary is part of an ongoing project to better understand our alumni community. It will be used to illustrate the diversity of our graduate body and their achievements since graduation.

We will also used the videos to help draw attention to the financial situation facing today's students. We will use the intelligence gathered to provide comparisons - both simularities and differences - between those that studied at Edinburgh in the 1960s, for example, and the fresh-faced students of 2013.

Contact us

We would be very grateful of your help and participation.

If you would like to volunteer or would like to discuss the project in more detail, then please contact Gordon Cox on 0131 650 2236 or via the email below.