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A Special Graduation

As graduation season gets underway at the University, there is a group of students for whom the moment has a special significance.


At an event in the Playfair Library, Senior Vice Principal Professor Mary Bownes hosted a reception celebrating the achievements of bursary award holders who have successfully completed their degrees.

The event was a chance for students and bursary supporters to come together, celebrate their achievements and look forward to the future.

Supporting students

Bursary supporter David Massingham was delighted with the opportunity to meet with the recipient of his award, and explained his reasons for choosing to support today’s students:

I support Edinburgh's bursary programme because I believe that financial considerations should not be a constraint on the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the university experience. It was great to be in Edinburgh recently to have the chance to meet the first recipient of a bursary that I have supported to have graduated and I look forward to many more.

David Massingham

Bursary support plays an integral part in supporting students as they embark on their time at University. Our awards give students some of the financial security they need to focus on their degree and allow them to get the most of the life changing opportunities afforded by high education.

Nothing compared to the support offered by Edinburgh. It has meant I can focus on my studies without worrying about money and finding a job. Coming to university would not have been possible without it. It has made this opportunity possible

Helena Shorrock

Further information

For further information on how you can support the bursary programme and help others enjoy the Edinburgh experience please contact Hannah Schlesinger, Development Manager, Scholarships & Bursaries.