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The North American Society

The Edinburgh University North American Society (EUNAS) was founded this academic year with the goals of providing a community for North Americans on campus, of providing opportunities for cultural exchange and of enhancing alumni networks.

North American Society event

Uniting students, staff, alumni and friends

There are over 300 Canadians and 1,400 Americans studying at the University of Edinburgh. EUNAS is working to unite students, staff, friends, alumni and local businesses to create opportunities for their members and alumni, to improve the University community and the cultural vibrancy of Edinburgh, to support American and Canadian students while at university and to expand (and involve) the University's alumni network in the United States and Canada.

So far this year EUNAS has made immense progress on all of these goals and found enormous enthusiasm for a North American cultural society within the University community. They have engaged exchange students with weekly and bi-monthly socials and are currently holding bi-monthly socials with other cultural societies to broaden members’ social network on campus and in the world.

The US Presidential Election

In the lead up to the US Election, EUNAS held a voter registration drive in partnership with the US Consulate in Edinburgh and registered over a hundred students. They held an Election Night event where Professors, the Principal Officer of the US Consulate and Professor Sir Timothy O'Shea, Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, addressed students on trends in American politics and the historic links between our home countries and Scotland.

Future Events

In the final months of the term, EUNAS is working to provide students with perspective on energy policy in the United Kingdom in the form of a debate among policymakers and the energy and education sectors. EUNAS is partnering with the Chinese Society to celebrate the Chinese New Year, with the History Society to hold a Lincoln movie screening and with the Wine Society to provide members an opportunity to taste and learn about American wines.

Alumni connections

Building strong relationships has been a large part of the success of EUNAS this year, and the Society hopes to continue the trend. Alumni participation in the North American Society, and with the University and Edinburgh as a whole, is a long-term goal for for the Society. Although efforts this year have been aimed mainly at creating a strong presence in Scotland, EUNAS wants to be seen as a vehicle through which alumni can connect with their former university, former classmates and their beloved city, Edinburgh.

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