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Tuition fees

Paying your fees is part of the matriculation process this includes having confirmed funding from SAAS and Student Finance. Without paying your tuition fees, you will be cancelled off the course you have applied to study and you will be unable to access any of the University’s services and/or facilities. You need to arrange payment of your tuition fees, whether self-funded or through a sponsor, grant or loan.

Every programme has a cost associated with it, your offer letter will provide this information or look online for up-to-date tuition fee levels:

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You might have questions about:   

  • your tuition fee level  

  • the Graduate/Alumni Scholarship  

  • issues with your application to SAAS, Student Finance England, Wales or Northern Ireland 

Contact the Fees and Student Support team

  Paying and Deadlines for Tuition fees - Complete Financial Registration

How you pay your tuition fees (in full or by instalments) is dependent on whether you are a self-funded, internally-funded, or externally-funded student.

Your student fees must be paid in full on or before matriculation at the start of each new academic year unless you are paying by instalment. The payment options available to you will depend on how you are funding your studies.  

Learn more about Financial Registration and paying your fees 

Complete the Financial Registration Form to find the payment option that fits with your funding (secured)

There is no direct transfer of your medical records between general practices. You will need to register with a practice in Edinburgh, and they will arrange to transfer your records from your previous GP.

It is important to note that this can take some considerable time at present so if you do have an ongoing health condition please bring a summary of your condition with you and provide this to your new GP.

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