Your student fees account

We will set up your student fees account in My finance once your unconditional offer has been accepted and confirmed. You will be able to use My finance to view payments we receive from you and invoices we send to you.

You will be able to view these transactions in My finance under 'current items' or 'history'. The transaction type will tell you whether a transaction is an invoice, payment, credit note or refund.

Amounts are shown in pound sterling (GBP). A dash in front of an amount means this is a credit amount, for example "-£100".

To access My finance, login to MyEd and select My finance under the 'accounts' tab.

Login to MyEd to access My finance

Making a payment

You can make a payment by debit or credit card in My finance as an advance payment, or for a particular invoice if the invoice is visible. Any payment you make using a payment method other than through My finance will also be listed in your My finance account once received and identified.  The alternative payment methods are:

Debit or credit card payment

Bank transfer and online payments platform

Payments received and identified will usually be allocated to your student fees account the next working day.

Identifying your payment

You must provide your student number (UUN) as the reference on any payment you make. If you fail to do so then we may not be able to correctly identify the payment and we may send you payment reminders as a result.

This could also cause difficulties if you require a CAS to be updated for UK visa purposes or in order to complete matriculation.

University Username

The form of UUN for undergraduate and postgraduate students is a lower case letter "s" followed by the student's matriculation number, for example "s1234567".

Payment timescales

We are notified of payments in different timescales depending on the payment method used. These range from immediate notification to a few weeks.

The transfer of cleared funds from the payer normally takes place a few days after the payment has been notified.

We provide estimated timescales for each payment method but these are not guaranteed. We are not able to advise which method is best in terms of speed or cost.

Paying in advance

Use the tuition fees search to find out your fee rate to make an advance payment before the invoice is emailed to you.

Find your tuition fees