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IHDP Annual Lecture a resounding success

There was a good turnout for the IHDP (Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme ) 2019 Annual Lecture by Professor John Frank.

John Frank delivering the IHDP annual lecture 2019

Obesity epidemic

There was a lengthy queue to hear Professor John Frank's fascinating presentation in which he addressed the global epidemic of overweight and obesity. He pointed to several clues - including a lethal outbreak of the nutritional deficiency pellagra in the USA between 1900 and 1940 - suggesting that such phenomena often find their origins far "upstream" in the agricultural and food-processing sectors. Accordingly, he called for more research that investigates such "upstream drivers" of health problems. He also drew a parallel between such research and the current efforts of IHDP to use data for improving cancer care in Scotland: many challenges in both fields require the better compilation, analysis, and thoughtful interpretation of existing data.

Scottish Cancer Registry and Intelligence Service

SCRIS demonstration

The event was also an opportunity to demonstrate the Scottish Cancer Registry and Intelligence Service (SCRIS). This is a major health intelligence initiative co-produced by National Services Scotland (NSS) and the Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programee (IHDP).

The SCRIS team was represented at the IHDP Annual Lecture, by Richard Hunter (Information Consultant), Brian Murray (Project Manager) and Greig Stanners (Information Analyst), who provided a live demonstration of the latest version of SCRIS dashboards and visualisations.  These dashboards provide a user-friendly interface to assist approved users (e.g. consultants and managers) when seeking quickly, and in one place, the interpretation of data they need. 

Analysis can be presented at many levels and perspectives, from summaries to ‘deeper dives’. The simplicity of this interface belies the development work involved behind-the-scenes to collate and analyse data from many sources.

IHDP will continue to lead the expansion of such services to enhance NHS health management in other conditions in due course.

National Services Scotland website

Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme website

SCRIS dashboard

Interested? Get in touch

The latest live release of the Cancer Intelligence Dashboard for NHS Users was released via NSS’s User Access System and is now available for NHS users to subscribe.

Please visit SCRIS on the ISD Scotland website or email for more details on how to access the SCRIS Dashboard.


Author: Alastair Dean, Communications and Finance Officer, IHDP