Usher Institute

Education Grants 2019

The Usher Institute has awarded its first education development grants to support two very interesting projects.

We are delighted to announce that the first Usher Institute Education Development Grants will support the following projects:

Co-creating Dissertation Supervision Guidance with Masters students

Project team

Dr Neneh Rowa-Dewar, Gabrielle King, Cheryl Drewitz, Chris Sheridan and 15 Usher Institute online and on-campus Masters students


This project will partner with Usher Institute Masters students from MPH online and on-campus, Family Medicine, Clinical Trials and Global eHealth Masters programmes to co-create and develop supervision guidance for supervisors. The content and format of the guidance will be decided in a series of online and on-campus workshops and be incorporated in supervisors’ training.

Co-creation refers to a collaborative approach between staff and students recommended to re-position and empower the learner to increase student and staff engagement and improve curricula in higher education.

Biomedicine, interdisciplinarity and participatory arts-based teaching pedagogy: incorporating arts-based teaching methods into the Bioethics, Law and Society intercalated programme

Project team

Dr Ingrid Young, Dr Ellen Stewart and Dr Sarah Chan


The arts can draw together multi-and interdisciplinary practitioners together to address some of the complexities of biomedicine, health and society. This project will explore if and how arts-based methods can make an important pedagogical contribution to our interdisciplinary work and specifically to inform the development of the new Bioethics, Law and Society intercalated programme that will start in September 2019.

We will use this project to:

  • explore how arts-based methods can enable us to rethink and re-engage with critical issues in biomedicine, law and society and therefore develop core course content which is centred from this perspective;
  • how these methods can facilitate enhanced learning, the development of new skills and contribute to an innovative and exciting pedagogical experience for medical students.


Both projects will present summaries of their work when complete.