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Marilyn Kendall retires

A celebration of Dr Marilyn Kendall’s 20 year career in the Primary Palliative Care Group here at the Usher Institute marked her retirement.

Patient and Public Involvement

Marilyn has made great contributions to qualitative research in end of life care, with meaningful involvement of patients and the public in the research process at the heart of every project. She set up and ran patient and public involvement groups, including a long-running group in Dumfries who have offered their insights and perspectives across many research projects over the years. One of their members joined our retiral celebration with Marilyn.

Of all the groups I have worked in, this has been the best! Marilyn always listened to everybody, made sure everyone had a chance to speak. When things were published we realised we weren't doing something for nothing.  She is well appreciated, people always turned up.

Stella, from the Dumfries patient and public involvement group

Primary Palliative Care Research Group

Marilyn has been a core member of the Primary Palliative Care Research Group, receiving the Principal's Medal in 2013 alongside her colleagues Professor Scott Murray, Dr Kirsty Boyd and Professor Liz Grant.

Principal's Medal 2013 announcement

Primary Palliative Care Research Group website

Marilyn Kendall Retirement Celebration


As well as Stela's kind words, Professor Aziz Sheikh and Emeritus Professor Scott Murray each gave tributes to Marilyn's work in the group over the years, as friends and colleagues gathered to wish Marilyn well.   

We wish her all the best in her retirement, spending more time with her growing family, Tom the horse, and enjoying her new found interest in fresh water swimming.