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New book from Emeritus Professor Raj Bhopal

Building on his body of work investigating the impact of ethnicity on health, Professor Raj Bhopal publishes a new book.

Epidemic of cardiovascular disease and diabetes: Explaining the phenomenon in South Asians worldwide

Emeritus Professor Raj Bhopal has recently had his latest book published by the Oxford University Press. The book sets out to critically examine and try to explain very high risk of Coronary Hearth Disease, cerebral vascular disease & type II diabetes in South Asians in urbanised settings across the world.

Oxford University Press website

Image of flyer. PDF available to download.

Discount for colleagues

Oxford University Press have kindly offered a discount for colleagues across the Usher Institute. Order online at and enter AMPROMD9 to save 30% on this, and Professor Bhopal's other books.