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BHF Health Data Centre - and new Head of Centre

Congratulations to Professor Cathie Sudlow, who will lead the new BHF Data Science Centre, and to Professor Ewen Harrison, new Head of the Centre for Medical Informatics.

Professors Ewen Harrison and Cathie Sudlow
Professor Ewen Harrison, Head of CMI and Professor Cathie Sudlow, Director of BHF Data Science Centre

Millions to benefit from £10M national cardiovascular data science centre

British Heart Foundation, along with HDR UK, today announced the the launch of the BHF Data Science Centre which will deliver the data and data science needed to address some of the most pressing challenges in heart and circulatory health research.  The £10 million Centre will be headed by Professor Cathie Sudlow, a stroke and neurology doctor in Edinburgh and current Chief Scientist of UK Biobank. Professor Sudlow now begins the work of establishing the centre, shaping its mission and strategy, and ensuring the views of patients and the public are central to its activities.

The Centre will work in partnership with patients, the public, NHS, researchers and clinicians to promote the safe and ethical use of data for research into the causes, prevention and treatment of all diseases of the heart and circulation.  Its work will be underpinned by HDR UK’s secure health data infrastructure, which upholds the highest levels of information governance, protecting the privacy and security of patients’ data. It will also benefit from alignment with HDR UK’s existing network of experts, its recently announced Health Data Research Hubs and the wider cardiovascular research community.

Read more on the British Heart Foundation website

New Head of Centre for Medical Informatics

This new role will involve Professor Sudlow stepping down from her current role as Head of the Centre for Medical Informatics (CMI) at the end of October 2019, although she will retain a presence in the Usher Institute. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cathie for all her hard work in growing the Centre for Medical Informatics, leading HDR UK Scotland and contributing to a number of highly successful cross-College/University data science initiatives, and wish her the very best in this very important new UK-wide role. We are delighted that Professor Ewen Harrison has accepted our offer to take on the role of Head of Centre for Medical Informatics.

Professor Moira Whyte, Head of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and Professor Aziz Sheikh, Director of the Usher Institute

Professor Ewen Harrison will officially take up the role as Head of the Centre for Medical Informatics here at the Usher Institute from 1st November 2019.  Our congratulations to Ewen on this appointment.