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Congratulations Professors!

Congratulations to new Professors Evi Theodoratou and Ewen Harrison

We are delighted that Evi Theodoratou and Ewen Harrison have both been promoted to become Professors.

Evi Theodoratou

Evi Theodoratou Starts Race for Life 2017
Evi Theodoratou Starts Race for Life

Evi’s research group focuses on projects in genetic, molecular and cancer epidemiology, with a main interest in bowel cancer. The ultimate target of her research is to reduce overall death rate through improving survival outcomes and the patient journeys for those with symptoms that might indicate bowel cancer. To explore this she develops and evaluates risk prediction models for targeted bowel cancer screening, follow-up and treatment. Another active area of the group is the application of agnostic methods to investigate the associations between certain genetic variations or biomarker levels and multiple clinical outcomes.

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Ewen Harrison

Ewen is Professor of Surgery and Data Science at the University of Edinburgh and a Consultant HPB and Transplant Surgeon at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. 

Interests include crowd-sourcing patient-level date; surgical trials, particularly in low resource settings; mobile data collection platforms and "wearables"; automated data processing and display; natural language processing/sentiment analysis; decision modelling; Bayesian statistics; administrative data analysis; and patient reported outcomes.

He leads the NIHR Unit on Global Surgery at the University of Edinburgh, a collaboration with the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick. This provides a platform for the GlobalSurg Collaborative, an international collaboration of 5000 individuals in 420 centres across 102 countries studying outcomes in general surgery and quality improvement.

He is the Programme Director for the Masters in Surgery degree at the University of Edinburgh - a distance learning qualification which allows surgeons to train while continuing to work in their home country. 

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